Shockoe Reader Poetry Zine                                        Jimmy's Poetry

Poems about Jimmy's sax playin' days 

three Volumes

includes:   Long Cosmic Cry of the Saxophone

  8 audio mp3 readings 


Light headed Gig Near Death   It All Blows Up   
Outdoor Gigs From Hell   On Blue Alto Wings   
Darkness Fades to Hope   Mass Grave That Lies Beneath  
Saxophone Induced Euphoria    Improvisation 1 thru 12  
Gig with Hot Air Balloon    A Thrown Gardenia   
The Rain Falls Down on Staves     Shades
New Year's  Gig    Night Blue Winger   
Woodshed   Yantra  and
a hundred plus other poems 
that will not be published on this site.

VOLUME SIX        
Jimmy's chapbooks

sample Volumes 1 thru 27

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